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FLX Live provides a dedicated space for live music in downtown Geneva.  Our carefully designed floor plan features both a dance floor and comfortable raised seating areas.  Whether you are just here for the music, to dance all night or want to sit back with appetizers and have a drink, FLX Live is the place to be! 



FLX Live arose from the desire to contribute something new to Geneva, something that was missing. Our three founders, Nicholas LaChance, Scott Heffner and Ian Pattison, are recent graduates of Geneva’s Hobart and William Smith Colleges. During their four years as undergraduate students at HWS we watched as the city's downtown entered a renaissance leading the demand for a medium-sized live music venue to grow steadily. 

From the very beginning, inspiration for the project was drawn from our team's unanimous love for live music and our admiration for the people living in the FLX region. These motivations meshed with solid market research and a firm belief that the future of Geneva is unmistakably bright. From this hopeful foundation, the notion of owning and operating a live music venue transformed from a shapeless idea entertained in the minds of three 23-year-old friends, into a reality that has truly exceeded our most ambitious expectations!     

FLX Music Hall LLC was established by the Hobart grads in October of 2016, and has since hit the ground running thanks to the zealous support it receives from the residents of Geneva, HWS Colleges, and the people of the FLX region. Soon after founding the venue, the three friends welcomed pro-sound engineer Greg Bennett of Moon Dog Sound, and local musical-director & talent buyer Matthew Elkin, as core members of FLX Live's in-house dream-team. With their combined expertise, the caliber and quality of music hosted by FLX Live is always guaranteed.

It has been a long process, but the team has managed to turn a vacant storefront into an exciting nightlife destination that offers something valuable to all live music fans regardless of age and culture. On behalf of the entire staff at FLX Live we thank you, our loyal customers and future guests, for the support you show us!